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humanitarian adventuring the soup kitchen the appleseed society Humanitarian Adventuring The Appleseed Society The Soup Kitchen

The Appleseed Society

“Doing good” is the most powerful way of planting seeds of faith, hope and love that I know.

At Wellspring-Oasis we consider service as an essential element in the planting of seeds.  It is as basic and important to our well being as food and water.  As a matter of fact in today’s world compassionate service can often be providing food and water.

So far we are focusing on 3 basic ways to serve.  Two of them can occur in our day- to- day lives.  They are local and are offered in our own communities and neighborhoods to our friends and neighbors.

1. The simplest and purest form of do gooding that I know of is the spontaneous “do gooding”.  So far we don’t know what to call it.  Sometimes we call it “Seeding.”  Around Christmas time we at Wellspring Oasis call it “Elfing.”  Other people have written books about it and have named it Random Acts of Kindness.   In our Christian Bible we have called it being a “Good Samaritan.”  It has some elements of the movie: Passing It Forward but there is no expectation of a debt owed.  It is quite complex and beautiful in its many ways of presentation.  Perhaps you can help us to NAME it.  

***The third way I don’t quite know what to name yet.  Sometimes I call it “ELFING”.  Sometimes I call it “SEEDING”.  Even though I don’t know what to call it, I know what it is.  It is a spontaneous giving that simply wells up from our hearts.   In some ways it is the most precious of all the ways of giving because it represents some kind of divine spark being lit within us.  It surprises everybody and it feels so good.  Perhaps you can help us to NAME it. ***  

I love this way of giving and serving most of all because it rises up out of the moment. It is alive!   As much as I understand it, here’s how it works….We feel the Calling to help or respond spontaneously from what I call “The Love” inside of us.  The impulse arises and is expressed in that very moment.   The Calling is from our own Hearts.  The response is from our Hearts and from the hearts of those who gratefully and gladly Receive the spontaneous outpouring as well.  It might not be given in the form of help.  It might be warmth.  It might be silliness.  It might be appreciation or acknowledgement of another. No debt.  No expectations.  The experience is complete unto itself.  These elements are what make this kind of giving so satisfying, simple, and pure.  

2. When the Giving is the Receiving and the Receiving is the Giving there is Love.  There is Hope.  There is Belief in our own goodness and in the possibility of our making a difference in our world. We call this simply COMPASSIONATE SERVICE.

COMPASSIONATE SERVICE is local and is offered in our own communities and neighborhoods to our friends and neighbors.  Often it involves a commitment over time.  The SOUP KITCHEN which is written about elsewhere on this site is an example of this kind of service.

3. Another form of service that is carried out in other parts of the world involves some sort of Calling of its own, as do all the forms of service that I am describing.  Exploring and getting to know the ways and needs that exist in those places where we feel this Calling well enough to be able to offer something of value is an important next step.  This process itself usually tests our commitment.  Any successful attempt will involve a deep learning and sensitizing process that is both exhilarating and enriching in many unpredictable ways.  This often overwhelming experience is a great challenge.  It is part of the reason why we have named this form of service HUMANITARIAN ADVENTURING.  There is a video of our 2nd Vietnam Humanitarian Adventure here on our web site to help you further understand what we do and how and why we do it.

Look for examples of and more info about service on our web site www.humanitarianadventuring.com.