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humanitarian adventuring the soup kitchen the appleseed society Humanitarian Adventuring The Appleseed Society The Soup Kitchen

Humanitarian Adventuring!


It seems to me that many of us have decided that the problems of the world are too great for any of us to make a difference in changing them.  To try is to fail; to fail is to become broken-hearted.  So, why try?

This decision can cut us off from feelings of compassion and the desire to help serve those in need that I believe we all feel.  This decision amounts to the end of the world in a way.   For what is a world without hope?    What happens to the family, the tribe, the community when we stop feeling that there is anything that we can do to help or to change?  We become hopeless.  Becoming hopeless in our hearts is the end of our world because we are giving up on the healing power of Love.  We are also giving up on the idea that our own commitment to change makes any difference.

There are already many who see this kind of caring and hope for our world as naïve and destructive to their purpose of life which is thought to be many things like individual success, wealth, or if you are a certain type of spiritually distant mystic, non-attachment.  Cultural conventional wisdom often wants to lead us down a path that represents the idea that it is “a dog eat dog world out there” and to prepare ourselves for anything else is unrealistic.  It’s time for us to rise above such ideas again, just as we have many times before and to use our fear for the future and our feelings of urgency as pieces of our energy for change.

Where is the hope or the faith in any of these ideas without this kind of higher purpose?  Or are hope and faith just more illusions, silly pap for the masses?  I believe that this is our world.  We get to make up what matters most to us.  I suggest that we use faith, hope, love, beauty, hard inspired work, compassion, creativity, play, boldness, etc., etc., etc. to guide and energize us through the enormous changes that the Human Race is embarking upon.    Are you with me so far?  We’d love to hear from you.  We’ve already begun our journey.  Want to join us?

Read my description of The Soup Kitchen and watch the video of our Humanitarian Adventure in Viet Nam and you will see 2 examples that are going on now of this practice and philosophy for changing the world. Send us your stories of how you are making a difference in the world.   

By the way, we’ve got to remember that we are just waking up to whom we are NOW.  What we are is a mixture of timeless truths, emerging possibilities, and hate and fear-filled confusion and nonsense. These elements need to be guided by loving Hearts.  All of these perspectives ask to be honored somehow so that we can make use of them and resolve them into the Love.  Anyway that’s my opinion right now.  How about you?  What’s yours?

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