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humanitarian adventuring the soup kitchen the appleseed society Humanitarian Adventuring The Appleseed Society The Soup Kitchen


is an example of naturally occurring, naturally emerging compassionate service work.  It grows out of a sincere desire to serve.  It is discovered and defined through open hearted listening and through personal relationships.  It is very often best provided through some level of personal involvement.    It represents the fulfillment of a real need on the one hand and of a true calling to serve on the other.  One essential, irreplaceable quality that is always present in truly valuable service is that the giving is the receiving and the receiving is the giving.  Those who give receive directly in their hearts from the giving and those who receive give simply through their good-hearted willingness to receive.  Using food as a bridge for caring, service, and love works very well.  Enough generalizations, here’s how we do it at The Soup Kitchen.

My partner Diane and I love to help when we can.  Diane loves to cook and to prepare delicious food for people.  She loves to serve in this way.  I know and work with many worthy people who need help in order to have enough to eat.  We have found that good food is always appreciated.  We have also found that good food prepared with love and respect is a wonderful way into people’s hearts.  It creates a bond and deepens trust enormously.

Working as a combination mental health therapist, a community development specialist, and a social service agent I have found that during the inevitable hard times my ability to make a difference, avert a disaster, or quell the possibility of violence is greatly enhanced by the impact of my steady, weekly presence providing food.  As Diane and I bring food to the whole family it also helps me to create deeper relationships with everyone in the family.  In this way I have been able to expand the size of the population of needy people that we serve through providing food, guidance, and social support from 4 to more than 15.  In the future I will share stories of some of these wonderful relationships and outcomes.

Diane and I created the Soup Kitchen almost 3 years ago.  Every Friday I load up my truck or whatever vehicle I’m driving and I head out on my route.  I deliver food to 5 families.  I check in with all of them.  Sometimes we have a project going like getting a vehicle back on the road or handling a court case, or trying to keep the electricity from being turned off.  Maybe there’s a fight going on in the family, a family crisis.  Maybe a family has found someone needier than they are and have invited them into their lives and they are wondering if the new people can be in the SOUP KITCHEN.  I get involved in these things.  I’m a combination, family friend, uncle, community service, personal support and guidance kind of guy when it’s all working.  Usually it works very well.  Diane and I are providing an ongoing social safety net informally and in an ongoing, committed way at the same time.  In these lean times this is especially needed.

This is one kind of what we call Appleseed Society work.  It is good hearted, committed, and personal.   Following the voice inside of your own heart guides you.  Sometimes it’s hard to say “yes” to such a Calling.  Sometimes it’s hard to say “no.”  More on this later.